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Teknical Konstrux
835 St Marys Blvd
Windsor, ON N8S 2T8
Phone: +1 (519) 819-8441


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Teknical Konstrux was founded in 2015 by two of the four brothers of the Child family. Not long after in 2017, the company expanded with the help of the remaining two brothers, and has since expanded far beyond a small business today. 

Teknical Konstrux consists of a strong foundation in both architectural design and construction. Our team is composed of experienced individuals that come from decades worth of on the job experience and advanced education. From Masters degrees in Architecture, to extensive experience in landscaping, exterior design, softscape design, hardscape design, pool construction, pool renovation, in home renovation and much more; our team is well rounded enough to tackle any project idea you may desire.

As we continue to expand the family business we eagerly take on complex concepts that our competitors often turn away. 

“Let us help make your concepts a reality!”

-Jason Child, Owner

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